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Welcome to Auma

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Since the dawn of industrialization, humanity has been restlessly pursuing ever more growth.

To accomplish this goal, we have been optimizing and rationalizing the world around us, making everything increasingly more powerful, more effective, more connected and much faster than before. We are now reaching a point, where this constant optimization is demanding ourselves to never stop; to never slow down and rest. We need to “live” faster to keep up with the world we have created. Our very own minds are forced to keep processing more at such a rapid rate we have never experienced before.

Over 50% of people feel burnt-out because of work and more than 90% of workers report stress at their workplace. Ironically, to put it in cold hard cash, stress and anxiety cost companies $1 trillion in lost productivity. This is not sustainable and it is the main reason why we started Auma. In fact, it all started when we struggled with immense burn outs several years ago.

The stressed times we had lead us down a never ending rabbit hole of mental problems, suffering and complete exhaustion. Before everything was great, later, everything was not. We had worked non-stop and obsessively in our areas of interest, and continued to perform at the highest level. And it was fine. Hard work was needed. But the problem was that we were not aware of ourselves. We didn’t have control over our minds. We were mindlessly pushing and pursuing until we ran out of energy. Something had to change. Medicine and job centers were out of the question. We needed to cure the root cause and the only solution was to dig deep into ourselves and find positive habits. Ironically, it became self-evident that the act of doing nothing was the answer to everything.

Experiences like sitting in silence, meditating, breathing, walking in the forest and completely

disconnecting became the new normal. Being mindful and noticing the space between thoughts felt liberating and steered us away from the need of filling the deep void in our minds. Accepting who you were at any given moment was the cure and still is an ongoing learning process. And this learning process led us to the path of designing and developing the most advanced space for your

mind - Auma Space 1. It became our mission to make daily private and mindful mini-retreat

moments to each and every individual in urban environments to help to change the way we

behave, act, think, work and live.

What is Auma?

Auma is a new personal meditation and relaxation experience designed for workplaces and companies, who aspire to offer employees and customers a private space for active mental recovery during work.
Auma uses a unique combination of light, sound, low-frequency vibration and spatial design with zero distractions to achieve an unparalleled, immersive experience that redefines how you tap into the power of your mind.

Our high performing lifestyles can be challenging, but we believe anyone can cope with our inner chaos and become better. Every single day. Happier, more creative, more productive, more empathetic and less stressed. And when we as individuals upgrade ourselves, organizations and societies will thrive. One of the best ways to achieve this at any given moment, is to just breathe and observe. To completely accept ourselves.

At the end of the day, you are fully responsible of yourself and nobody else than you can

completely change you. But there are extensive resources and tools that can guide you to start your journey and build positive habits. We truly believe that Auma will support you on that path.

Humanity will continue to pursue growth, to constantly optimize and rationalize, and that is great. But in order to achieve this goal, we need to give our mind the space it needs.

Welcome to Auma.

Kasimir & Niilo

Co-founders of Auma Space

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